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According to SPARC Intl's lawyers the problem (at least in their mind)
is that when people see a URL like:


they will assume that SPARC Intl. is sponsoring the project.  I don't
think they would have a problem with a project that was not computer
related.  They feel that our "product" (their term) has not passed
their "rigorous compliance testing procedures" and therefore to imply
that SPARC Intl. sponsor the project diminishes the value of the mark
for the companies that have licensed the mark.

I don't really disagree with this idea, except that I don't think
anyone in the right mind would assume that SPARC Intl. is sponsoring
the project, or that the project is "SPARC Compliant" just because
"sparc" is in the URL.

I can (somewhat) understand the objection to "sparclinux", but
"Linux/SPARC" seems like a pretty standard way to abbreviate "Linux
for SPARC processors", just as we do with Linux/Intel, Linux/Alpha,
etc.  From what I've read of trademark law, I would say this
constitutes "fair use"

Anyway, their objection was to my web pages.  Anything else is outside
my domain, and therefore not my responsibility should everyone else
decide to continue to use the terms that they have been using :^)


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