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Re: [ANNOUNCE] git-deb: a Git importer for Debian packages

On 24 October 2013 15:15, Gabriel de Perthuis <g2p.code@gmail.com> wrote:
> Le 24/10/2013 15:57, Dmitrijs Ledkovs a écrit :
>> On 24 October 2013 14:18, Gabriel de Perthuis <g2p.code@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I've written a tool to import Debian packages into Git:
>>>     git clone deb::mypackage
>> Is it compatible with Ian's dgit ?
> I only know what dgit does from reading the source code.  dgit works
> server-side and is only available to DDs; as I understand it it creates
> a new, canonical repo, imports the current version and uses that as a
> base for new uploads.  It's useful as part of a maintainer's workflow.
> My tool is useful to get a git view of any package, without waiting for
> anyone to convert their repo.

Yes, sure. But it starts off a repository by taking the latest .dsc
file and generating a commit out of it.
The cool thing about how it generates the commit, is that it's
reproducible and generates stable SHA-1 id by setting GIT time
variables & author variables from the .dsc.
Such that it doesn't matter who/where/when runs the import as the
commit tree / commit id will be the same (well sans parenting
information, but that could be easily fixed with graft points)



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