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Re: locale-zh-hk

On Wed, May 31, 2000 at 02:15:07AM +1000, Roger So wrote:
> 嗯, 就用 debconf 弄个 installation note 出来说明此点吧. :p  当然最好
> 是 send patch 去 upstream maintainers 啦 :p

I have just added this, and tested it by installing and purging the
package quite a few times.  It seems to work for me. :p

locale-zh-hk_0.1-2 now available at the same place:

apt sources.list:
	deb http://spacehunt.e-fever.org deb/
	deb-src http://spacehunt.e-fever.org deb/

or just download from http://spacehunt.e-fever.org/deb/

  Roger So                                            telnet://e-fever.org
  spacehunt at e-fever dot org                          SysOp, e-Fever BBS
  GnuPG  1024D/98FAA0AD  F2C3 4136 8FB1 7502 0C0C 01B1 0E59 37AC 98FA A0AD

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