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Re: Debian potato, zh_TW.Big5 locale not supported??

On Wed, Dec 29, 1999 at 03:02:50PM +0000, 睡魔退散! wrote:
> Is 'libc6-bin' a just typo? There is no such package.
> FWIW, I have no problem in X, at least gnomeicu displays Trad. Chinese
> correctly.

  No, it is not a typo.  Espy 重新整理 glibc 的 binary packages,
把原来的 locales 分为 locales 和 i18ndata,并把 /usr/bin/locale, 
/usr/bin/localedef 等放入 libc6-bin 中。那是 2.1.2-11 版的事了。
廿五日上传,廿八日入 potato。  ^_^


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