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Re: a newbie's question

On Wed, Dec 29, 1999 at 11:17:57AM +0800, Dragon wrote:
|Thank you for your reply!
|In fact, I don't really understand what you mean about the
|/etc/apt/sources.list thingy *grin*, but I'll do my research on it.
|Besides, I need to set the ethernet right up first. (I'm not using PPP, I
|connect to internet thru another gateway)
|It seems that they've changed a lot on network configuration, where shall
|I look for the lastest information about the network setup? The How-to
|seems to be pretty outdated about it, at least in Debian's potato
|I think I shall try potato, however, even I'm using broadband internet
|connection, my crappy Cute-FTP in M$Windows always hang up while
|downloading whole directory of potato, and ISO image of potato is not
|Anyone would tell me how to use Linux(RedHat)'s FTP to download the
|distribution while keeping the whole directory structure like cute-ftp
|does? I think Linux will not hang me up. :)
|Thank you!

Hi Dragon,

The /etc/apt/sources.list thingy is part of the 'apt suite',
which might be the easiest way to do upgrade on GNU/Linux platforms,
currently only the Debian distro provides it.
After sources.list is configured, you just need to type this as
root to upgrade your system: 'apt-get update; apt-get install
<package1> <package2> ... <packageN>', or simply 'apt-get update;
apt-get dist-upgrade'. A variant is to do 'dselect update' instead
of 'apt-get update' if dselect is configured to use apt as its
'acquire' method.

In slink, network config is done in /etc/init.d/network, in potato,
it's partly migrated to /etc/network/...

Obviously, the apt method renders other 'naive downloading' method
obsolete :P  But if you really want to purse this way, I think you can
use wget.

p.s. are you the Dragon on the UO list? Nice to meet you here :pp

Anthony Wong.   [ E-mail: hajime@asunaro.dhs.org / ypwong@debian.org ]

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