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Re: FYI: if you use Gnus and you've trouble read Chinese...

>>>>> "Isaac" == Isaac To <kkto@csis.hku.hk> writes:


    Isaac> Can you help me a bit by telling what version of gnus would

I'm using, ... Pterodactyl Gnus v0.99 under XEmacs 21.1.8 w/mule
Guess you could see this in my email header, X-Mailer ? eh? ;-)

    Isaac> this work on, and what file and in what way it appears
    Isaac> (i.e. a few lines above and below the line containing the
    Isaac> symbol)?

snip from my
~/.gnus.el (I have no ~/.gnus)
;; ...
(setq nnmail-split-fancy
      '(| ("gnus-warning" "duplication of message" "dup")
	  (& ("to" "zw@localhost" "own")
	     (any "debian-simplified-chinese@lists\\.debian\\.org" "d.chinese")
	     ("to" "news" "news"))
(setq gnus-group-ignored-charsets-alist
      '(("d\\.chinese" iso-8859-1)
	("d\\.chinese" us-ascii)))
(setq gnus-default-charset "gb2312")
;; ...

Nice to met a Gnus user here. ;-)

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