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FYI: if you use Gnus and you've trouble read Chinese...

>>>>> "zw" == zhaoway  <zw@zhaoway.com> writes:

    zw> Dear Hashao, ;-) Could you please setup your mail-header:

    zw> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1

    zw> to
    zw> something proper for Chinese? Or, someone please help me on my
    zw> Emacs/Gnus to read it correctly?

If you're a Gnus/Emacs user, and have trouble read Chinese
mail here in this list, which didn't setup the *correct* ;-)
mime header for Content-Type, ie. 
        Content-Type: text/plain; charset={us-ascii,iso-8859-1}
while it should be
        Content-Type: text/plain; charset={gb2312,Big5}
Try this:


(setq gnus-group-ignored-charsets-alist
      '(("d\\.chinese" iso-8859-1) ;; surely you've to adjust this.
	("d\\.chinese" us-ascii))) ;; and this.
(setq gnus-default-charset "gb2312")

P.s Thank you hashao for your inspiration. ;-)
This is not a hack at all, but some reading. ;-)

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