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Re: FYI: if you use Gnus and you've trouble read Chinese...


    zhaoway> If you're a Gnus/Emacs user, and have trouble read Chinese mail
    zhaoway> here in this list, which didn't setup the *correct* ;-) mime
    zhaoway> header for Content-Type, ie.  Content-Type: text/plain;
    zhaoway> charset={us-ascii,iso-8859-1} while it should be Content-Type:
    zhaoway> text/plain; charset={gb2312,Big5} Try this:

    zhaoway> ~/.gnus.el

    zhaoway> (setq gnus-group-ignored-charsets-alist '(("d\\.chinese"
    zhaoway> iso-8859-1) ;; surely you've to adjust this.  ("d\\.chinese"
    zhaoway> us-ascii))) ;; and this.  (setq gnus-default-charset "gb2312")

I've been looking for a solution for the same problem for a while now.  No
idea.  I've also tried your suggestion, which didn't work.  In fact, in the
source directory of my version of gnus, I cannot find the symbol
"gnus-group-ignored-charsets-alist" at all.  (My version is chaos 1.13.0
with flim 1.13 and semi 1.13.)

Can you help me a bit by telling what version of gnus would this work on,
and what file and in what way it appears (i.e. a few lines above and below
the line containing the symbol)?

Thanks very much,

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