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Re: Debian XML/SGML (partial) Policy Draft Available

Thanks, Mark.  I think your suggestions are correct.

The large applications like DocBook facilitate or, in the case of TEI,
practically require, local customization.  My concern was that those local
extensions should live near the applications they modify and not be stepped on
by updates.

> could possibly serve as templates. Your point is exactly the reason that I
> questioned the need for a /usr/share/xml/stylesheet directory.

Yeah, I think it is unnecessary.

> I think /usr/local/share/xml/ would be the place for any local stuff.
> And customizations would go somewhere that makes sense to the admin. Could
> be /usr/local/share/xml/foo/custom/ or simply /usr/local/share/xml/custom.
> The fact that the resources would be in a different, distant tree won't
> matter in the least if the resources are registered in the xml catalog
> system.
> Does this sound like a reasonable perspective to you?

I can live with that.  If a closer proximity is required symlinks can serve that

Thanks again,

Mike Haarman

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