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Re: Debian XML/SGML (partial) Policy Draft Available

> WRT to the question of a stylesheet subdirectory under the /usr/share/xml base
> directory, it is hard to imagine non-trivial stylesheets that operate in a
> general way upon an arbitrary XML instance.  

I agree. I was really thinking along the lines of some CSS stylesheets that
could possibly serve as templates. Your point is exactly the reason that I
questioned the need for a /usr/share/xml/stylesheet directory.

I think we'll leave it out and add it later if we need it.

> It seems clear that stylesheets
> belong to particular applications and XML schemas.  

Yep. Hard to imagine it any other way:)

> Is the intent to provide for local stylesheet resources? 

Not sure what you mean precisely by 'local' here, but in any case there
isn't any intent to provide for local (as in non-debian-packaged)

> This question suggests a further concern:
> What is the status of local extensions to standard schema and stylesheets?
> Large applications get:
> . . ./appname/custom
> In particular, I wonder if /usr/share/xml/stylesheet shouldn't rather be:
> /usr/share/xml/local
> and whether there should be corresponding
> . . ./local/schema   and   . . ./local/stylesheet
> . . ./appname/local   and   . . ./appname/custom/local
> subdirectories which are protected during system updates in a
> fashion similar to /usr/local.

I think /usr/local/share/xml/ would be the place for any local stuff. 

And customizations would go somewhere that makes sense to the admin. Could
be /usr/local/share/xml/foo/custom/ or simply /usr/local/share/xml/custom.

The fact that the resources would be in a different, distant tree won't
matter in the least if the resources are registered in the xml catalog

Does this sound like a reasonable perspective to you?

> Beyond that, I don't have much that would further.  Thanks for 
> your efforts.

Thanks for the acknowledgement:-), and for your input.

FWIW, I've been working on the catalog chapters. They should be ready for a
real critique in a couple days.


Mark Johnson        <mark@dulug.duke.edu>
Debian XML/SGML     <mrj@debian.org>
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