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implementing /usr/share/xml ??

On Saturday, January 25, Mark Johnson wrote:
> On , January 25, Adam DiCarlo wrote:
> > 
> > Well, I doubt we can make the FHS jump. 

Yeah, they're pretty conservative, and for good reason.

> > If we wanna start using /usr/share/xml even before the FHS blesses
> > it, I think we should go ahead and do that.

I agree with you here, Adam. 

And if FHS decides to add /usr/share/xml, they'd simply be following
the 'adoption of effective practice' spec development procedure used
by a number of standards group. IETF, comes to mind here.

> > I'm kinda of the opinion that we *should* make that move, it seems to
> > match what the rest of the world is doing.  

I don't know yet if it matches what other distros are doing, but I'm
also of the opinion that we should definitely start the move to

FWIW, I'm getting some RedHat 8 CDs soon, after which I'll install it
and report back as to whether they implement /usr/share/xml (as well
as their xml catalog structure.) Still waiting to hear from SuSE...
(Then again, I could simply ask Greg LeBlanc, who seems to have
every distro installed. Greg, you lurking out there??)

After that, I'll make a post to the FHS discuss list and try to
re-open the discussion about adding /usr/share/xml[1] to the
hierarchy, as well as modifying their statements regarding
/etc/sgml[2] - which come right out of the stalled LSB-SGML policy
draft. Ugh.

I highly encourage any interested members of debian-sgml to join this
list. It's relatively low traffic (a message every few days
lately). You can sign up for the list here:



> IMO, /usr/share/xml seems inevitable. Really.

I again agree with myself, here:) 


[1] See http://www.pathname.com/fhs/2.2/fhs-4.11.html#4.11.7 
    for the FHS section on /usr/share/sgml

[2] See http://www.pathname.com/fhs/2.2/fhs-3.7.html#3.7.6
    for the FHS section on /etc/sgml

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