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Re: Debian joining OASIS?

On Mon, 11 Mar 2002 21:49, Mark Johnson wrote:
> > I see a possible/probable snag here.
> >
> > Debian developer status is restricted to hairy programmer types.
> My mistake: I should've said every _member_ of the Debian project.
> Hairy developer status is not required. Only membership.
> > Get my point?  You're looking among the wrong community.
> Sorry for the confusion, let me again restate what I meant.
>  If Debian is an OASIS member organization, then every "member" of the
>  Debian organization is a member of OASIS.
> Your point is valid if the only "members" of the organization known as
> the Debian Project are those with the official title of
> "developer". If this is indeed the case, then of course I withdraw my
> offer, as I am only a humble maintainer and my $250 donation to
> Debian's membership then wouldn't even get me an OASIS
> membership. (Hey, I'm not that generous.) That can't be how it
> works. If it is, it's absurd:)

If you are listed as the maintainer of a package in main or non-US then you 
should (IMHO) be considered a member (or maybe "junior member" which should 
be good enough for these purposes).

The constitution makes no reference to "members" only "developers".  Do we 
have any formal definition of what a Debian member is?

People who only write doco should be members too...

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