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Re: Debian joning OASIS?

On Mon, Mar 11, 2002 at 01:15:26PM -0500, Mark Johnson wrote:
> > Of course if they let Debian in for free then that's even better!  
> Nope. Not a possibility. I checked it out already.

Personally I think it is a very kind offer that some developer is willing to
share his money for a individual membership with the organisation. But I
realy do not think Debian should buy itself a seat i any "open"

If the organisation is not willing to ask debian for help, it is not worth
that we join. Be aware that the membership fee would be an ongoing project,
and I realy could think of more useful ways to spend the money.

Especially as it is not clear what OASIS will help Debian. It is the other
way around. Having worked with Oasis I think buying a seat there is only
good if you want to use Oasis Marketing channel.

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