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Re: Debian joining OASIS?

On Monday, March 11, Martin WHEELER wrote:

> > So, how would membership benefit Debian?
>  ...
> > $1000 buys _every_ debian developer membership in OASIS. That
> > translates to a little over $1/developer, which is not IMHO
> > unreasonable.
> I see a possible/probable snag here.
> Debian developer status is restricted to hairy programmer types.

My mistake: I should've said every _member_ of the Debian project. 

Hairy developer status is not required. Only membership.

> Get my point?  You're looking among the wrong community.

Sorry for the confusion, let me again restate what I meant.

 If Debian is an OASIS member organization, then every "member" of the
 Debian organization is a member of OASIS.

Your point is valid if the only "members" of the organization known as
the Debian Project are those with the official title of
"developer". If this is indeed the case, then of course I withdraw my
offer, as I am only a humble maintainer and my $250 donation to
Debian's membership then wouldn't even get me an OASIS
membership. (Hey, I'm not that generous.) That can't be how it
works. If it is, it's absurd:)
Maintainers are members, right?


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