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Re: network-manager applet disappeared

On 15/12/19 19:06, Pegro wrote:

I was just unable to recieve an IP address --- the router does NOT allow me to use static IP addresses

If I don't mistake, router always allow you to use a static IP address... if you select the IP address in the authorized range.

First you need to know a valid IP address not actually used (IP_ADDRESS) and the net mask of the network (NETMASK), the network interface of your PC (ETH0) and the IP of the router (IP_ROUTER).

I suppose that you are able to know the values of IP_ADDRESS, NETMASK, ETH0, and IP_ROUTER

Normally this is the basic step to have a network working:

# ifconfig ETH0 IP_ADDRESS netmask NETMASK
# route add default gw IP_ROUTER

You can also see if the DNS have been setted:
$ cat /etc/resolv.conf

if it is blank you must insert one-two valid entry, for the example the following (opendns)


When you have correctly activated your network, then you can address all other issue you have.

If this was not appropriate mailing list to send this mail, I apologise ...

I think it is better to ask to the user mailing list...


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