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Re: Intel Microcode updates

On 24/06/19 01:57, Lou Poppler wrote:
I am only guessing, but I think a possible explanation which resolves this
conundrum might be this:  The latest release page is saying that the latest
microcode package contains the latest microcode for this Core2 processor, which
is the version last updated on 2010-09-28.  Not changed, but still made
available in the 20190312 standard microcodes blob.  Maybe, only guessing.

ok, so this can be the explanation that the core2 don't have mitigation for the latest hardware bug found and the other branch of this thread that say that you can install this manually is not correct.

I have read that intel say that make mitigation for "older"[¹] CPU is too much costly.


[¹] as I have wrote I have seen that the core2 CPU was on sell as new (probably as last magazine pieces?) on a lot of sites when spectre and meltdown were found. And I have read comment of people that have buy they to upgrade their old machine... so this CPUs are not so old. Also I have see, at the same time, Intel charts that tell you that these CPUs are the better for performance/price on the market... so this CPUs are not so bad.

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