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Re: concrete steps for improving apt downloading security and privacy

On 07/07/2014 13:09, Joel Rees wrote:

Sorry Joel, I almost totally disagree with your vision on privacy and 
security, but I really i don't want to go into the merit of it, because 
I think Lou is representing my vision already; I only have a question:

> Did you know that encrypting a picture sometimes results in a picture 
> that looks like it has been through a random color-permuting filter?

Can you proof it?

Or maybe, you can tell the list what the attached image - that is 
encrypted with Moritz Muehlenhoff's and Florian Weimer's public keys - 

Cheers (and thanks Mr. Moritz and Mr. Florian - who were the only I had 
in my keyring - to accept being the judges of the challenge). :-)

     Andrea Zwirner

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