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Re: Debians security features in comparison to Ubuntu

Le 17/05/2014 18:38, Jan Moskyto Matejka a écrit :
>> I might be misinterpreting your definition of "meaningful", but I
>> have been looking for a public entropy source for my Debian system
>> for quite a while. If you can point me to the Debian equivalent of
>> pollinate and https://entropy.ubuntu.com/ that would be highly
>> appreciated.
> To transport the entropy securely, you need cryptography, which is
> preciously the thing you need entropy to. Public entropy source is
> an insecure crap with no security profit at all. More that than, it
> makes admins think their system is better secured. It isn't.
more than that : it is an excellent attack vector, since some
cryptographic operation become weak when the attacker knows a bias of
the generation of secrets.

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