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Re: Debian LTS?

On Thu, Oct 06, 2011 at 12:47:09AM +0200, Poison Bit wrote:
> >> You can migrate data between service versions or environments, have
> >> rollbacks, backups and etc.
> >
> > Across a fleet of 15000 hosts?  With no downtime?  Without impacting the
> > schedule of whatever software you actually run on these hosts?
> Don't they got daily updates? are they network exposed?
> Don't they jump LTS neither never?

Not in my experience.  For example, at a recent large server environment
that I worked in, there were several thousand RHEL 4 boxes.  These hosts
were nearing end-of-life.  When they were replaced, the new hosts were
planned to run RHEL 5 or maybe RHEL 6.  There was never any plan to
perform an OS upgrade on the existing hardware.  RHEL's support cycle
was long enough that the systems never had to be unsupported.

> > That's not what I'm describing at all.  Those places can and should
> > upgrade.  I'm talking 1 service to 1 host, multiplied by thousands.
> > These are the companies that want LTS support.
> That companies of that size, may want to help Debian to help them,
> keeping packages many years supported without being like a debian
> oldstable php. Maybe that companies may have ALL Debian developers
> happy and got the LTS as a result, good luck.

I agree.  Long-term support is not sexy, and it's not something that
most FLOSS developers (or developers in general, in my experience) have
any interest in working on.  The best way that most companies know to
motivate them is to pay them.  This is why RHEL, Canonical, and other
companies charge so much for support contracts.  I'm not sure how
anybody could motivate a large enough group Debian developers to work on
an LTS release.


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