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Re: Debian LTS?

On Thu, Oct 06, 2011 at 12:33:39AM +0200, Poison Bit wrote:
> In my experience: if a company does not perform operative system
> upgrades, the company does not have more than 5 years and does not
> understand how open source, and in special linux kernel, works.

I'm certain I can name several large companies that have been around for
more than 5 years and whose services you rely on that do not perform os
upgrades on hardware once it enters production.

> You can migrate data between service versions or environments, have
> rollbacks, backups and etc.

Across a fleet of 15000 hosts?  With no downtime?  Without impacting the
schedule of whatever software you actually run on these hosts?

> The monolitic "one server, all services, never upgrade" maybe just an
> architecture issue, totally outside of the Debian issues.

That's not what I'm describing at all.  Those places can and should
upgrade.  I'm talking 1 service to 1 host, multiplied by thousands.
These are the companies that want LTS support.


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