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Re: aptitude upgrade vs. apt-get upgrade

Piotr Drozdek wrote:
> I don't have any packages with 'id' status in my system. I don't know
> what they mean. Maybe somebody can help?

I think 'd' marks packages for deletion?
However, I have not requested to delete all these packages.

> But - to resolve your problem: can you just do this upgrade (8 packages)
> now?
> And upgrade tex-common manually:
> aptitude install tex-common=2.08.1

The problem with the missing update of tex-common can be solved by
using either 'apt-get upgrade' or 'aptitude full-upgrade'.

However, I still wonder what's going wrong with 'aptitude update'.
Maybe a lot of other people who update their systems this way are
missing some security updates?

    - Thomas

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