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Re: Find installed contrib and non-free packages

On Fri, 13 Jun 2008 07:17:54 +1000, Andrew Vaughan wrote:

> On Friday 13 June 2008 06:10, W. Martin Borgert wrote:
>> On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 12:27:12PM +0200, Vladislav Kurz wrote:
>> > 1. remove contrib and non-free from /etc/apt/sources.list 2. run
>> > dselect (update, select) and you will see all contrib and non-free
>> > packages as obsolete/local packages.
>> Good, because it will show other suspects as well. E.g. packages from
>> non-Debian apt sources, which are also unsupported security-wise. I
>> wonder how I can achieve the same using just apt-get/apt-cache? I
>> remember, that I once wrote a script using python-apt to get this
>> information, but the script is lost :~(
> In lenny
> $ aptitude search "~o"
> In etch I think this will work (but very slow) $ for i in `aptitude
> search "~i" -F "%p"` ; do apt-show-versions $i ; done | grep "No
> available version in archive$"

I prefer 'aptitude search ~S~i!~Odebian' over ~o because it also lists 
packages that are installed, but for which the installed version is not 
available from any apt repositories, whereas ~o will not.

Sam Morris
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