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Re: secure installation

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Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:
> I didn't say what you put here and do not have any intention to start a
> flamware. I'm just saying that Debian KDE users with no update-notifier *might*
> not be *as* aware of available security updates as users of GNOME with it.
> That's it.
> (Notice the use of 'might' in both of my statements)

Sorry for my misunderstanding you. It's been a busy day.

>> Maybe the lack of an update-manager for kde just reflects the fact that
>> kde users are more security aware and don't need as much automatic
>> nagging. (I am not claiming that this is the case, I am just claiming
>> that it is just as legitimate to claim the opposite of what you have
>> been claiming. )
> Actually, I've just found that there is actually an update-notifier for KDE,
> it's provided by adept (a package management interface similar to synaptic).
> Try installing adept-notifier.

- From the documentation I gather, that update-manager would probably work
on kde, but that it just checks, if the package information has changed.
This would have to occur either manually or by some cron job, cron-apt
etc. So _at least_ it requires reading some manuals and manual
configuration. update-notifier also does not suggest or recommend
cron-apt or any other backend to commit the required 'aptitude update'.

I will check, if adept-notifier will work in a more straightforward manner.

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