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Re: secure installation

On Thursday 16 August 2007 05:09, Robert Van Nostrand wrote:
> The correct answer for the better of all now/future Debian users is to not
> put a gun in the hands of a child.
> For those mental midgets that are willing to put their CC info on a box
> that they have no clue about then they deserve to have their identity
> stolen. 

I agree with most of your sentiment: Debian isn't for the first-time linux 
user, generally. It's easier to break, harder to install, but the reward is 
that you get a much more powerful system.

But does lack of information make anyone deserve identity theft? I don't think 
anyone deserves to have their identity stolen, because to deserve something 
bad you had to have done something bad. Being ignorant about debian isn't a 
bad thing. We all were once, and if everyone came at us with that attitude, 
would we have learned? I doubt it.

My point is, that to debate if a firewall should be in the installer may 
circle around practical points, more/less how many people use a firewall or 
what benefit would a firewall have? But nobody should be pointing fingers.

My personal view is that there are plenty of simpler distributions out there, 
knoppix for first-time users, Ubuntu/Suse for novices, and RedHat for people 
who need hand-holding. Debian is primarily for advanced users, and for users 
who have someone looking over their shoulder. We shouldn't over-simplify 
debian so that users not in it's target audience can use it.

Putting a firewall in debian by default is also somewhat similar to 
Microsoft's attempts to pacify everyone: When windows' virus problem became 
worrisome to the average user, Microsoft added a firewall to their 
installation, to try to make users think that Windows was safe now. What 
happened? Well, security went down the toilet. Users thought they were safe 
without doing anything, so they didn't do anything. Microsoft succeeded at 
pacifying everyone, and so shot themselves in the other foot (the first foot 
is being so forceful and monopolizing the industry).

I don't think a firewall by default is even a safe idea, just for that reason: 
Users who don't really know what it is, but hear "it makes me safe", will 
assume that it protects them from everything without them doing anything.


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