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Re: secure installation

I've been watching this thread for a while and decided to post my two cents.

For my use, Debian is two things; a kick butt server and the basis for
other distro's that make pretty good workstations. I have tried Debian as
a workstation before and just never gotten a warm fuzzy (though it has
been a while). However, I'm also the one that will argue all day long
about why Debian is the only server that should ever be used.

As such, I want miminum "junk" installed on my servers. I know enough to
know what apps I need for a particular job, and for some of that even the
base install is too much. Adding a firewall that someone else chose is
just one more thing to do to get my servers up and running.

For workstations, I tend to use Kubuntu. On that, yes, I want a firewall,
and since I recommend it to anyone who asks (and even have my sales staff
using it), a default firewall is a Good Thing.

But, for Debian, I just want the packages necessary to get the server up
long enough so I can do an "apt-get install joe", then I can get to work.

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