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RE: secure installation

The correct answer for the better of all now/future Debian users is to not
put a gun in the hands of a child.
For those mental midgets that are willing to put their CC info on a box that
they have no clue about then they deserve to have their identity stolen.
Debian does NOT need any improvements to make it 'safer' for the ignorant.
Instead put that effort to make it 'safer' for those who use it to make life
better for others.
It is an excellent OS that gives the installer an opportunity to build it
'right' for that installation purpose. If I choose to not install iptables
(duh) then that stupidity would be mine and mine alone. Nor do I want
someone else's idea of 'safe' being shoved on me.
My 2 cents,
From: paddy@panici.net

On Thu, Aug 16, 2007 at 06:38:32AM -0400, John Keimel wrote:
> Let's not dumb down Debian for the rest of the world ...

agreed that defaults are important and should be appropriately set.

what can be done to improve the chances of users ending up with
appropriate settings ?

would it help to have a task style package that could set a range
of such options ?


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