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Re: secure installation

On 8/16/07, Jack T Mudge III <jakykong@theanythingbox.com> wrote:
> My personal view is that there are plenty of simpler distributions out there,
> knoppix for first-time users, Ubuntu/Suse for novices, and RedHat for people
> who need hand-holding. Debian is primarily for advanced users, and for users
> who have someone looking over their shoulder. We shouldn't over-simplify
> debian so that users not in it's target audience can use it.

I like your viewpoint.  I was just trying to remember exactly what is
open to the world on a brand new ubuntu installation, but I haven't
done a new install in a while so this is up to memory.  I know there
is no MTA.  There is also no sshd or portmap.  Not even an inetd.  It
will however respond if you ping it.  Now THAT is the sort of thing I
like.  Secure out of the box.

I think the answer is to not make Debian into something that ubuntu
already is, that is, linux for human beings :-)

Of course that doesn't mean someone won't find a way to shoot
themselves in the foot... thank goodness we don't get sued on this
continent (Africa) every time that happens.

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