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Re: On Mozilla-* updates

Nikita V. Youshchenko wrote:

>>There won't be _any_ Debian solution with the current mozilla.org policy.
> Not exactly. Correct statement is, '... with the current mozilla.org policy
> AND Debian traditional way of doing things'.
> I agree with this statement.
> I see the problem.
> The question is - how to solve it.
> Mozilla.org policy is probably out of our control.
> However, our way of doing things is not.

Is Mozilla.org policy out of our control? If there was enough pressure
on them to provided isolated security fixes they might actually do it.
Perhaps they don't have any clue that this is a major issue for some of
the largest linux distributions, and if they knew it was they might
devote some energy towards being more friendly to their neighbors. Has
anyone any definitive information, or is it just speculation? Has anyone
actually spoken to people at Mozilla.org about this problem?


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