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Re: On Mozilla-* updates


Am Sonntag, 31. Juli 2005 20:37 schrieb Nikita V. Youshchenko:
> >> Otherwise I might as well go run Suse or Fedora, or do static
> >> Knoppix installs each has one OR the other.
> >
> > I don't see, why Fedora is more insecure than debian right now.
> > Furthermore, if you are up to use linux workstation in a productive
> > environment you should consider using Red Hat Enterprise Linux as well.
> Isn't it a very strange position to suggest to decrease Debian's usability
> and ask people to go away from Debian if they don't like it?  Especially on
> Debian lists...

Do you actually think, I decrease the Debian's usability, if I'm trying to put 
harm from debian users?

Furthermore, this is debian-security, not debian-user, debian-kde or 
whatsoever. It is the nature of this list, to look at issues from a security 
point of view.

> The fact is - currently Debian is a very good choice for a large set of use
> cases - including desktop, even for newbies.

I cannot disagree more, here. Following the deb-sec discussions for years, 
debian is highly *dangerous* especially  if used by newbies. Mozilla (as 
often used by newbies), Kernel (essential for every server) and  probably 
samba have (or had - concerning samba) been some important issues for months 
or years in woody.

Thus it is foolish to recommend debian stable to newbies - mostly unaware of 
what they are doing.

> And yes, keeping this situation requires some work.

Well, If you really want to keep the situation and want to archive woodies 
situation - further discussion is hopeless - I guess.
Mozilla in  debian has been a catastrophe for years.

Anyway, if you are up to make debian stable (not debian flavors like ubuntu / 
Knoppix, etc.) suitable for complete linux newbies, a lot of work will have 
to be done - assuming it's even possible, and ignoring the probably dramtic 
side effects  this steps might have upon other areas of use.

Keep smiling

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