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Re: On Mozilla-* updates


Am Samstag, 30. Juli 2005 16:47 schrieb Martin Schulze:
> Noah Meyerhans wrote:
> > Whatever solution we choose, I believe it is very important for us to do
> > it within Debian and not rely on backports or some other unofficial
> > channels.  As Debian developers, it is our duty to solve this problem,
> > and simply kicking the packages out of Debian or ignoring them from the
> > point of view of updates and security is really no solution at all.
> Be prepared for reality, in half a year or in one year, there won't be
> 1.0.x Mozilla Firefox packages anymore that build on Debian stable.
> At least that's what I anticipate.

Well, if so, why not exclude mozilla from official debian releases? - I mean: 
Kick it out. 
Mozilla and even Galeon are not an essential parts of debian - alternatives 
exists (Konqueror, links, lynx, w3m, etc) Not shipping 'em will hardly 
restrict debian users in their everyday life. 
If they are in favor with Mozilla, they can download the mozilla.org builts 
and use 'em and ff mozilla.org is in favor with debian users as well, they 
perhaps maintain an apt source like samba is doing now.
It's time to face, that debian has some standards in security - an in 
development cycles as well.
Thus there are packages that simply don't fit into debian - not only because 
of license, patent or DD issues.
The discussion we had about the woody mozilla (which is still ought to be 
supported by debian security, as long as woody is supported as oldstable) 
pointed out that these problems - even if forseen months ago - could not be 
solved, furthermore it pointed out that mozilla doesn't fit into debian - at 
least at that time.
We have to admit, history is probably going to repeat it self in this case:
The mozilla maintainers, haven't answered my mail, how they want to prevent 
the woody-situation in sarge - and I doubt, that there will be a solution. 

Imho, we should really face the consequences of these issues and stop shipping 

Keep smiling

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