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Re: On Mozilla-* updates

> Despite of the fact, the the release is probably unable to match the mozilla
> release cycles - do you really think, mozilla is the one and only package,
> debian is all about? Well, I mean the killer application, the thin that
> justify Debian?
> Keep smiling
> yanosz

For my end users, who have been switched from Windows and Outlook? Yes.
Mozilla IS the the Killer App that justifies Debian on their desktop.

Kicking mozilla out is just not an option.

Having insecure apps in stable is also not an option.

I like the the moral/social parts of debian as much as the next guy, but
as an admin responsible for the security of my systems security.debian.org
is the biggest draw of debian stable. Knowing that I can depend on stable
to stay stable AND secure is what makes it our OS and distribution of
choice.  Otherwise I might as well go run Suse or Fedora, or do static
Knoppix installs each has one OR the other.

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