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Re: mod_ssl 2.8.19 for Apache 1.3.31

On Tue, 20 Jul 2004 13:10:08 +0200, Peter Holm <listbot@gmx.de> wrote:

>Please point me to a website where all the things, that you mentioned,
>are explained in detail and what exactly volunteers can do to help the
>security team, so I can decide, on which point I can jump in and help.

This was not a joke. If there was a nice howto-like website non-guru
debian users could follow the needs of the security team, maybe you
would get more help. 

I am a typical "intermediate" user. I know how to compile kernel and
software, getting deeper into it every day, I am constantly reading on
with all kinds of tutorials / manuals / books to deepen my knowledge
and would be happy to contribute something to the debian project, if
it was only following some step-by-step instructions on doing some

Following some clear instructions would enable me, and I think lots of
other "willing contributors", to help. 

For me it seems like a lot of work of the debian project is hidden
behind a curtain of "higher expertise", not easy to understand what
happens behind that curtain. It is not too openly documented, how
exactly are all the processes organized and, most importantly, jump-in
points for starters are not easily found. Not everbody has the time to
follow endless discussions on mailing lists: I need a simply
structured website with instructions on "how to help". 

All the things that you asked me I never knew that the security team
has a demand for. In fact, the security team is an extremely "dark
corner" of the debian project, I never read anything about it and how
it´s work is done. 

If you need help on that project, why do you make it so hard to step

Thanks for your attention,

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