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Re: Mozilla/Firefox "PostScript/default" security problems

On Saturday 10 July 2004 5:47 am, Magnus Therning wrote:
> >I'd like a black and white clarification of the impact 
> >of the change so I know for certain whether to be
> >incredibly pissed off at the packager or not:
> >
> >       "If I were to dselect today, would I still
> >        be able to print to file a website page 
> >        as ps?" [Y/N] 
> Yes. Printing PS to a file is still possible.
> What is removed is the ability to have Mozilla/Firefox execute an
> external command (e.g. lpr) in order to print.

However, if you are one of the many people for whom xprint either won't
start or function properly you will be unable to print at all. 

Read this bugreport and see if Xprint is still such a great idea...

If xprint won't start, mozilla will not even open the print dialog to
even /try/ piping it to lpr. That is absolute fact, I tried it myself. No go.

See the other buglistings:

Now correct me if this is wrong, mozilla is Free Software; however due
to the fact that it now actually requires xprint, which appears to be 
Non-Free software misfiled as Free Software (see #250887). Isn't that a
pretty major violation of Debian Policy?

Now I realize that Mozilla merely "suggests" xprint; however it now won't
print without it. I dunno about you; but I get a bad taste in my mouth about
such legalistic reindeer games to avoid conflicting with Deb-Policy. 

It's politically correct to hate guns; it's not politically correct
to hate free speech. The results speak for themselves.
	-- Jay Maynard in the SDM

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