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Re: Mozilla/Firefox "PostScript/default" security problems

On Fri, Jul 09, 2004 at 06:38:49PM -0500, Brad Sims wrote:
> If you want postscript back; simply grab the source deb and roll your own; 
> just edit rules under the debian folder. Delete the '--with-xprint' and
> '--disable-postscript' lines and do 'dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot'. However 
> I did give the debs a version number of 99 to keep apt from updating them
> until there is a new mozilla version from upstream.

I'd like a black and white clarification of the impact 
of the change so I know for certain whether to be
incredibly pissed off at the packager or not:

	"If I were to dselect today, would I still
	 be able to print to file a website page 
	 as ps?" [Y/N] 

I do this as a matter of course, every single day
to archive data important to projects I work on. I
don't have time to rebuild mozilla myself all the time,
so if the answer to this is that I cannot... I have
four choices in descending order of desirability:

	* find someone else with a repository that
	  overrides it.

	* freeze forever / manually update selected

	* abandon Debian mozilla

	* abandon Debian

If it is true that someone out there is playing with 
things important to my means of making a living, I do 
not appreciate it in the least.

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