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Mozilla/Firefox "PostScript/default" security problems

Hello all,

I have just discovered that the old-style printing option
"PostScript/default" is gone from Firefox and probably Mozilla (I don't
use Mozilla). Apparently a major reason for this is that the PostScript
printing engine that was removed has security problems.

Does anyone have any solid references on these security problems?

Googling and searching the bug database only yielded a vague claim about a
remote exploit (bug #247585). I also asked over on debian-user and while
the flurry of replies showed that the removal decision was controversial
if not unpopular, no one gave any information on the security problems.
debian-devel has not turned up anything so far either.

Sorry for cross-posting so much. I did post on debian-devel before I knew
debian-security existed. I figured the audience here might follow security
things in more detail.

Thank you for your time,


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