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Re: Bug#257165: udev: input device permissions

Quoting Mezig (nissuacfeneyrol@free.fr):

> 1- Why if Itay, find a solution for the problem we had, doesn't it offer 
> his solution to the community ; ethen, if he is on a single user machine ?

That would be good.  I was only addressing Itay's assertion that "the
consequences for sarge should be somewhat lesser."  That turns out not
to be the case (for now, while sarge = testing).

> Note - I'm personnaly on an upgraded Knoppix 3.2, then sid.., to an 
> almost sarge now, but considered - maybee am'i wrong ? - to be still a 
> 'testing'... ?

Knoppix at any given point appears to be not-quite-sid, with maybe 10%
stable and 10% Something Else Entirely.  (I applaud your enthusiasm, and
don't mean to denigrate what you're using.  I'm just trying to describe
it accurately.)

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