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Re: Bug#257165: udev: input device permissions

Rick Moen wrote:

Quoting Itay Ben-Yaacov (nib_maps@yahoo.com):

Now, people using sid accept the potential consequences, but the
consequences for sarge should be somewhat lesser...

Actually, the consequences for sarge (while it's still the testing
branch) will tend generally to be somewhat _greater_ than for sid, since
it benefits from neither guaranteed Security Team support (stable
branch) nor from immediate release of maintainer uploads (unstable
branch). Anyone who runs the testing branch implicitly undertakes to stay on top of needed security updates via whatever manual
administrative oversight works for that sysadmin's local system.  Caveat

1- Why if Itay, find a solution for the problem we had, doesn't it offer his solution to the community ; ethen, if he is on a single user machine ?

2 - Sorry, it's maybee a naive question, but as new Debian user, i'm very well-willing in the way or the Debian Free spirit tend to work :) !

3 - Don't be upset, if i'm wrong :(!

Note - I'm personnaly on an upgraded Knoppix 3.2, then sid.., to an almost sarge now, but considered - maybee am'i wrong ? - to be still a 'testing'... ? Everything works very fine, for instance and i'm realy positively astonished of it's 'stability'... :) ! And i first used a Mandrake, form The 7. to the 9.1., if you see what i mean about the 'spirit' ?

So, thanks for all the works you are doing andd soon maybee shall'i bee helpfull for something, out of translations ?



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