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Re: Bug#257165: udev: input device permissions

> It has been broken for weeks and somebody only noticed a couple of days
> ago, if you can't update the config file by yourself I'm sure you can
> wait for a few days while I work on other issues.

It was repaired on my box before I reported it, of course.  Given that it's a single user machine,
it is not that important to me anyways.  I have no idea for how long it has been broken, but it's
definitely been around long enough to make its way into sarge.  So there are more machines out
there which are potentially affected.
Now, people using sid accept the potential consequences, but the consequences for sarge should be
somewhat lesser, and in any case I innocently thought such a security hole could be repaired more
hastily.  Then again, it no longer concerns me.


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