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Re: Will 2.4.20 Source be patched for the latest kernel vulnerability?

> ... but on a second thought: how do I find this information out ion my
> own and what does "SMP" stand for?

my understanding is that all of the post-k6/III CPUs from AMD are K7-ish.
[well, the 32-bit non-AMD64 cpus anyway... if there are other quirks *I*
would like to know.] you'd know if you had a k6-III, i expect, too -
they're at least a couple years old now (more like four).

SMP = symmetric multi-processing.  you'd know if you had that, probably :)


> > > I'm one of those people. How do I figure out what kernel image to
> > > (AMD k6/K6 II/K6 III, AMD K7, AMD k7 SMP) for a AMD 1800+ XP
> > > Thoroughbred processor? How do I find out whether it supports
> > > ReiserFS, ...? Thanks for any hint to the novice.
> >
> > The AMD XP is a K7.  The kernel-images all support ReiserFS, and a
> > number of other filesystems.

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