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Re: Simple e-mail virus scanner

## Guido Hennecke (debian-security@debian.dyndns.org):
> > Last modification about two years ago...

> > > As usual never ever take automated action based on a simple thing
> > > like filename or whatever. Sort them to a special mailbox and let a
> > > human look at it.
> > Strongly agreed.
> It is much better to not accept the email.

If you have strong criteria for filtering you can reject incoming mail.
If all you have are assumptions about filenames of probale attachements
(the discussed filter does not parse MIME, it just guesses!), I would
not reject the mail.
The optimum is rejecting unsolicited mails during the SMTP dialog, this
way there will be no bounces to innocent bystanders (as caused by the
latest epidemic disease).

> But with the exim filter, the email is accepted and after this a bounce
> mail will be send to the supposed sender.
> With exim and RBLs it is possible, to not accept mails. Is there a way
> to use these filters with exim but not to send a bounce message?

Use "seen finish" as action istead of "fail ...".


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