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Re: Simple e-mail virus scanner

## Pascal Weller (pw@pascalweller.net):

> Isn't he saying that if i do the following:
> "hey I get a lot of these document_all.pif recently"
> this message here get filtered?

It's not that easy. You need at leas Content-Type=something and
a matching filename, given in MIME-style (name=...). The now
well-known "begin 0644 filename" tricks with the correct
filename will trigger the filter also. Nigel did his best with
these regular expressions, but his filter is not a complete
MIME-parser (parsing MIME with regexp only is a pain).
So be aware of the limitations of this filter.

> This never happend to me using the example who was at the exim ftp-site
> for a while (can't find it anymore - who likes a copy of mine?)

Last modification about two years ago...

> As usual never ever take automated action based on a simple thing
> like filename or whatever. Sort them to a special mailbox and let a
> human look at it.

Strongly agreed.


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