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Re: slapper countermeasures

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From: "thing" <thing@katrina.thing.dyndns.org>
Subject: Re: slapper countermeasures

> Geoff Crompton wrote:
> >   (I've been trying to think of a reason that the owner of an infected
> >   box would not appreciate efforts to sanitize the box).
> Mind you if you did fix it for them they would probably never notice.


> I have built machines for companies who refuse to pay me a small monthly
> to patch (in one case a two year old box), as they see it Im just trying
to make
> money on them.

I've had that happen to me a lot, but since Nimda / Code Red etc, most have
changed their minds.

> Add that some moron like a public prosecutor would see you as easy
> meat/vigilanty  and "do" you for all the crimes under the Sun he/she could
> of.

Indeed. A similar case to this is the "Good Samaritan Act" was abolished, or
at least changed in Australia to the point that if some one was mown down by
a bus and you pulled them off the road and they still died, you could be
sued by the family for killing them. It's a load of crud, but it happens.

> Conclusion, I often think sensible ppl are in a minority and getting

It's a matter of survival of the fittest. Touching another users machine
without the authority or permission to do so, while it might be a good thing
<tm>, is still too open to dangerous consequences. You've got to look after
number 1, so just keep yourself patched, keep in contact with abuse@some.isp
and just keep plodding on :-)

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