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Re: slapper countermeasures

Geoff Crompton wrote:

>   (I've been trying to think of a reason that the owner of an infected
>   box would not appreciate efforts to sanitize the box).


gross stupidity

I mean they didnt patch it on the first place...

Mind you if you did fix it for them they would probably never notice.

I have built machines for companies who refuse to pay me a small monthly retainer
to patch (in one case a two year old box), as they see it Im just trying to make
money on them.

Conclusion they get what they deserve.

Add that some moron like a public prosecutor would see you as easy
meat/vigilanty  and "do" you for all the crimes under the Sun he/she could think

What happens if your patching breaks the box? or someone hi jacks your code and
inserts a nasty payload?

Conclusion, I often think sensible ppl are in a minority and getting smaller.



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