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Re: ot? apache directory listing mysteries


Ralf Dreibrodt wrote:
at least netscape only sends a referer if i used a link.

Right, that was one aspect that I forgot.

what about the easiest questions:
- did you used ssl or do you trust all the providers between your friend
and your server?

No SSL, but I don't trust any provider in between. In fact most of the accesses came from the same provider that was used by the friend, which is no magic because it is one of the largest providers here in germany (I guess you have heard of T-Online before, right? :)).

- do you trust your friend?


- do you trust the knowledge of your friend, e.g. that he has no
trojaner on his client?

This was the first idea that came to my mind. He is still checking that part.

- do you trust all the software your friend installed? google toolbar,
internet explorer itself, ....

I'm not sure what software he has installed, but that would be another thing to have a look at. Thanks for the tip.

Bye, Mike

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