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Re: ot? apache directory listing mysteries

Michael Renzmann écrivait :
> I'm wondering if there is a way to get an directory listing from apache 
> if there is an index.html available in that directory.
> The story behind that question: I put a large file on the webserver that 
> was intended for download for a friend. The only one I told about this 
> file was this friend, and he said he didn't tell anyone about it. 
> Nevertheless since yesterday there have been some requests for this file 
> from various places in the world, not only germany, but also sweden and 
> switzerland, even one aol user accessed the file.

Are you using the VirtualHost capability on this server?
If so, you should be aware of using some _default_:* entry to catch
all access not using (or using a bad) hostname for VirtualHost.

If someone access to your server using an undefined VirtualHost,
it will arrive on the default configuration of your web server.
And if this default configuration doesn't have an Indexes directive,
it will be able to list every directories files...!

> But I'm curious how they found out about it... any ideas?

Did you take a look at the Referer of those access?
It might help you to track it down...


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