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Re: Bug#149714: libfam0 Does not depend on fam

On Sat, 2002-08-17 at 19:30, Cedric Ware wrote:


> > change in the description to warn about libfam0 being useless w/o a fam
> > daemon somewhere would be a welcome addition :-).
> I would heartfully deinstall libfam0 if KDE did not depend on it. :-)
> Now, I realize that there is a problem between the programs actually
> using the fam functionality, which could be broken if no daemon was
> running anywhere, and those that don't really need it but can use it
> and are therefore linked against the appropriate library.
> It appears not to be a simple packaging problem.  Indeed, I'm not even
> sure the problem is the packaging system's to solve...  But I don't
> like running unneeded services on my workstations (and as we just saw,
> there are security issues).
> Any suggestions as whether this change should be reverted (possibly
> only in stable), or a better way exists to tell dselect to really not
> install "Recommends" dependencies?

I filed the original bug, because libgnomevfs (and thus nautilus) also
depends on libfam0, and in investigating my X session logs filled with
FAMOpen errors, I discovered I didn't have fam installed. Obviously, a
libfam0 w/o fam is kind of useless for desktop purposes, and not
pestering about fam means you can do an "apt-get install gnome" (in
unstable or experimental, anyways), and not pull in everything you
really need.

As for "Recommends" vs. dselect, unstable's dselect pesters you once,
and if you don't install it, it just lets it go. Definately a step
forward :-).

So far as stable goes, I still think that libfam is pointless w/o fam,
but I don't use stable, so I have no general opinion about
keeping/ditching the dep, just a bare preference.


    Jim Cape

    "No cause, no God, no abstract idea can justify the mass
     slaughter of innocents."
        -- Edward Said

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