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Re: cryptoloop confusion

Jeff wrote:
> I've decided to learn how to setup an encrypted filesystem using the
> cryptoloop method and I'm having troubles getting my kernal source
> patched correctly.  I've read the "Loopback Encrypted Filesystem
> HOWTO", but it's outdated.  Here are a number of patches for kernel
> 2.4.18 and I'm confused as to which one(s) to use.  

Could you try my cryptoapi packages?  They're waiting to be accepted
into unstable, so you can't get to them directly, but i uploaded them
to my private repository as well:


I'm very curious to hear if these packages have the same problem.

BTW, kernel-patch-int is deprecated, you should be using cryptoapi, so
you should install the 'cryptoapi-core-source' and 'cryptoloop-source'
packages from my site.


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