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idle timeout

I've been looking for some sort of utility (without success) that will look at
keyboard/mouse activity in X and then run a couple of commands.  I don't want
to log the current use out (aka: idled daemon), or lock the screen with
xscreensaver (already done).

I'm actually looking to automatically unmount a couple of partitions when I'm
away from the keyboard.  Specificly, my zip drive which has an encrypted
partition upon which my gnupg, ssh, etc keys are stored.  

I figure that even if someone snags the zip disk while I'm gone, since the
disk's partition is encoded with AES128 bit encryption, they should be fairly
safe and removing the disk or unmounting it will also make any email or
documents I have saved immediately unaccessable.

I figure it's better to be safe than sorry.

Ideas on how I might implement this?  I'm lost.

Take it easy,

[-] xterm [xterm@nym.xganon.com]

Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of
tapes hurtling down the highway.
                              -- Andrew Tannenbaum

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