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Re: debian-security-announce-$lang@lists?

On Wed, Aug 14, 2002 at 12:18:29PM +0200, Danny De Cock wrote:
> On Wed, 14 Aug 2002, Siegbert Baude wrote:
> > language. As a side note: I personally know Germans and foreign
> > Chinese students here in Germany working in this business, whose
> > English skills wouldn`t allow reading complicated DSAs.
> I do not think these people will (be able to) set up their own debian
> system: if their foreign language skills are insufficiently evolved to
> install such a system, there is no need to read the DSAs.

While I agree that sufficient english skills to read a DSA are necessary
to do a good job administrating a debian system, I'm very sure it is
possible to install debian without understanding english. 
Some questions are obvious (for example when you have to choose a
keyboard layout), others have sensible defaults an you can simply say
'ok'. So you can install debian with some guessing without understanding
the actual messages.

I think the problem is a different one: In my experience, nearly all people
dealing with linux systems know enough english to read DSAs. But many
are just to lazy to read anything that is not in their native language.
So translating the DSAs may lead to more secure debian systems, and in
the end, less vulnerable systems on the net. So I think it's a good
idea. At least as long as it doesn't delay the distribution of the
english DSA.


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