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Re: debian-security-announce-$lang@lists?

On Wed, 14 Aug 2002, Siegbert Baude wrote:

> So we have to think for those, who aren't able to follow this
> discussion, too.
> > I think as a system administrator, one is out of luck if one can't
> > follow the English announcements anyway.
> [snip]
> I dislike this attitude "No English, no IT". In many states school
> systems aren't good enough or English is not taught as first foreign
> language. As a side note: I personally know Germans and foreign
> Chinese students here in Germany working in this business, whose
> English skills wouldn`t allow reading complicated DSAs.

I do not think these people will (be able to) set up their own debian
system: if their foreign language skills are insufficiently evolved to
install such a system, there is no need to read the DSAs.

this means: problem solved.

on the other hand, if they succeed in setting up such a system, and they
do not understand the DSA-email information broadcasts, but can decode
enough information so that they are still interested in the issue, why
wouldn't they use an automated translator such as babelfish?

with kind and humble regards, danny.

> Ciao
> Siegbert

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